Bric’s X Travel large soft trolley BXL48145

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Large trolley from the X-Travel collection made in satin nylon with leather finishes.

EXTERIOR: two generous front pockets with zip.
HANDLES: the pull-along handle equipped with a reinforced section is sealable within a zipped compartment, the top handle is in leather.
INTERIOR: contrast-colour inner lining, equipped with two garment straps; large pocket with zip fastening in the upper compartment.
WHEELS: four high-quality swivelling double wheels guarantee easy 360° movement.
DETAILS: The new double wheels are fitted more externally for greater stability. Inner frame that guarantees greater resistance and rigidity, as well as a reduction in total weight. New, sturdier pull-along handle.

Material: Polyamide
Clothes hanger: NO
Cabina: NO

Bredd: 48 cm
Höjd: 77 cm
Vidd: 26 cm
Vikt: kg 4,09
Märke: Bric´s
Leveranstid 5-7 vardagar
Öppet köp 30 dagar
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